Tuesday, April 29, 2008

MIlking My Husbands Prostate

Because garry does not have orgasims any more, it is necessary for me to milk his prostate on a regular basis. This has become part of us getting closer togher as a couple but at the same time it also enables me to verbally re-inforce the fact that i am in charge of the house.

The technique is as follows:

When the kids are in bed, we retire to our bedroom. i sit up in bed and Garry jumps up and positions himeself on all 4's (knees and hands) close to me. I slip on a glove and lube up his anus.

As i work my way inside Garry, sometimes i notice that he is starting to enjoy it (hardening penis) and so i keep a whip rearby to whack it (old nurses trick) -this is enough for any budding erection to wilt.

Now i need a lot of patience as i continually probe Garry's rectum, occasionally withdrawing my fingers to add more lube. After about 10 minutes i will begin to see a drop of precum oozing. However, it will take a further 20 minutes before things really start to happen. Garry's anus will be completely loose allowing me to slip a third finger into his rectum.

The prostate massage should be relaxed and unhurried and i use it as a time to tell Garry that he is better off without erections and that i was in charge of him.

After a while, whilst working on Garry's rectum with my right hand, i will place the index and middle fingers of my left hand on the underside of his cock. Gently moving my lubed fingers along the shaft, slowly working up to the head.

After slowly running my fingers along the underside of Garrys's flacid cock more than a dozen times, each time causing more precum to leak out a glob of white semen will slowly emerge from the tip and drip onto a towel. Garry will show no sign of pleasure, just continuing to breath heavily.

When it is finsihed, I will put Garry straight back into the chastity belt and get him to clean up. After that we will have kiss and a cuddle and i will get him to make me come.

I’ve made it clear to Garry that the purpose of the milking isn’t to give him pleasure, but simply to empty his prostate so that accidental ejaculations don’t occur. Garry is now conditioned not to get an erection during the milking. If it does happen, a good swat on the head of his cock solves the problem.

It is quite a laborous proceess, but it is worth it. At the end of the day Garry is a happier man and i too am more happy. Garry is able to concentrate on other things rather than sex.

Controlling my husbands orgasims

Last year when Garry was first locked up in his chastity belt, i worried that the man i married needed to wear such a thing to be nice to me. So at first i was not that fussed whether had it on or not. However, i started to notice that i liked my husband more (or more specifically he was nicer to me) when he had it on rather than when he didn't. Eventually, it got to the stage where he wore it almost all the time and we found our marriage to be a happier place.

Garry liked to be controlled in this way, but sometimes i noticed that he would get highs and lows depending upon how often i let him out. we experimented with denying him orgasims at all and somehow this seems to have owrked out for the best. It appears that he does not get the frustrations associated with not being able to play with himself and we have now got to the point were after a year of practice he very rarely has an orgasm. The only times that this happens are the rare moments when i want him inside me - but to be honest, i prefer oral love making to intercourse so dont really miss him being inside me. Garry is a much more contented and happy man than ever before and often talks about not having those frustrating moments that he had in the past. He is much more loving and giving than ever before and our marriage has reached a new level of bliss. But the best part is that garry is so much more focused and he loves that fact. He works in sales and has said that his productivity has massively improved since not having orgasims. He is thankful to me each day for what i have helped him become.

Dont get me wrong here, there is a considerable effort on my part to keep it that way as i have to milk his prostate a few times a week .

Chastity Belt

One of the greatest enablers to ensure that Garry stays on track is the male chastity belt. Garry, teneded to play with himself rather a lot and it seemed to be quite easy for him to satisfy himeslelf. Prior to the inception of our wife led marriage, i hadnt had an orgasm in years as Garry did not seem to care about my needs - only his. With the advent of the chastity belt, i ensured that he didnt come until i had been satisfied and often even then i would not let him come if i was too tired.

Husband Taming

One of the things that i have found important with the wife led marriage is the need to constantly remind my husband of his role in life. There are a range of measures that i follow (all administerd lovingly) to help him remember that i am the centre of his universe. I dont want anyone to think i am a bitch, far from it, but i think that it is important that i remain top of my husbands thinking.

I have found that putting Garry over my knee and giving him a good spanking is beneficial. This always needs to be combined with a pep talk that reminds him of my and his place in the household heirarchy. This usually works and he will soon be back on the straight and narrow.

No Going Back

My husband (garry) and i have been married for 20 years and have 3 kids. Like most marriages the early years were happy, but as time past, the kids came along and i found myself shouldering more and more of the burden. Garry on the other hand seemed to spend more and more time away from the family, enjoying himself at the pub etc. When he was here he tended to be grumpy with me (never the kids) and i often felt cowed into making decisions that i did not want to make. To be perfectly honest i ended up feeling like little more than a servant of my husband and my self esteem was shot to bits.

We rowed continually about everything but i always ended up comprimising (never him) and eventually i considered something that i never thought would happen to me - divorce.

One day whilst i was surfing on the internet about "marriage" i came across a site about wife led marriages. Long story short, i said to Garry (in a joking fashion) that that's what we need and to my surprise he agreed.

Two years have paseed since that day and you cannot belive the difference we have in our lives. I am so happy and so is he and i cant recall the last time we argued. I think i now have the perfect marriage and would never go back to the way it was.