Tuesday, April 29, 2008

MIlking My Husbands Prostate

Because garry does not have orgasims any more, it is necessary for me to milk his prostate on a regular basis. This has become part of us getting closer togher as a couple but at the same time it also enables me to verbally re-inforce the fact that i am in charge of the house.

The technique is as follows:

When the kids are in bed, we retire to our bedroom. i sit up in bed and Garry jumps up and positions himeself on all 4's (knees and hands) close to me. I slip on a glove and lube up his anus.

As i work my way inside Garry, sometimes i notice that he is starting to enjoy it (hardening penis) and so i keep a whip rearby to whack it (old nurses trick) -this is enough for any budding erection to wilt.

Now i need a lot of patience as i continually probe Garry's rectum, occasionally withdrawing my fingers to add more lube. After about 10 minutes i will begin to see a drop of precum oozing. However, it will take a further 20 minutes before things really start to happen. Garry's anus will be completely loose allowing me to slip a third finger into his rectum.

The prostate massage should be relaxed and unhurried and i use it as a time to tell Garry that he is better off without erections and that i was in charge of him.

After a while, whilst working on Garry's rectum with my right hand, i will place the index and middle fingers of my left hand on the underside of his cock. Gently moving my lubed fingers along the shaft, slowly working up to the head.

After slowly running my fingers along the underside of Garrys's flacid cock more than a dozen times, each time causing more precum to leak out a glob of white semen will slowly emerge from the tip and drip onto a towel. Garry will show no sign of pleasure, just continuing to breath heavily.

When it is finsihed, I will put Garry straight back into the chastity belt and get him to clean up. After that we will have kiss and a cuddle and i will get him to make me come.

I’ve made it clear to Garry that the purpose of the milking isn’t to give him pleasure, but simply to empty his prostate so that accidental ejaculations don’t occur. Garry is now conditioned not to get an erection during the milking. If it does happen, a good swat on the head of his cock solves the problem.

It is quite a laborous proceess, but it is worth it. At the end of the day Garry is a happier man and i too am more happy. Garry is able to concentrate on other things rather than sex.

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